Watch our October 16, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Tom Cantor (Nehemiah 1)

Watch on October 16, 2022 Worship service. It includes prayers, singing, a missionary spotlight (short video), announcements, special music and a sermon by Tom Cantor from Nehemiah 1.

Our missionary spotlight this week was a short video from Tim Sandvall of Awana. He is one of the missionaries and evangelist that we help support. What a special music was by Jose H. He played hymn on the harmonica. (I always enjoy and I’m impressed at how well he does this.)

Tom first read Nehemiah 1. Then he connected it with II Peter 1:21 as being the word of God, not only Nehemiah‘s words. He applied Nehemiah‘s concern for his fellow Jews to, “We are OK in Christ, but not OK because those outside of Christ are not OK.” He gave examples from his experiences in Jewish evangelism.

Tom likened Nehemiah‘s attitude to that of Moses and his concern for his brethren, the children of Israel (Hebrews 11:24-26). He next pointed out that after mourning for certain days (1:4), he prayed for Israel. This is the rest of the chapter.

Tom broke the prayer down into different sections. Nehemiah started with praise (1:5). Next, he confessed his and their sinfulness (1:6-7). Then he appealed to the Lord’s sayings to Moses (8–9). Nehemiah finished with his request.

Pastor James Mader’s obituary

Pastor Jim founded Mission Valley Community Chapel about 70 years ago. Though he pastored the Chapel before I came, I’ve heard many positive stories about him, especially of how much of a man of prayer he was.

Here is his obituary: “James Mader, 87, completed a 60 year pastorate before he died January 20, 2012. Jim won a Bronze Star in World War II…”

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