“Considering Creation; Do You Like Nature?” an apologetic/evangelistic booklet by Ron Myers

Considering Creation; Do You Like Nature?
Creator-Awareness Evangelism Through Discussing Intelligent Design
By Ron Myers.


Considering Creation – Do You Like Nature (Thai with Pics, Published Ver)

Above are links to an apologetic/evangelistic booklet in both English and Thai written by missionary Ron Myers.

This booklet with pictures was written particularly for a Buddhist audience.

Without using religious language, he introduces God as “a Creator, an Owner, a Master Designer or Great Architect.” He does this by pointing to the evidence in ourselves and the world around us (intelligent design). Towards the close of this section, he uses a parable that turns the atheist “gardener” parable on its head.

He then moves from “Creation to Redemption.“ He refers to “the ancient scrolls” (The Bible) that discuss Satan, our first parents (Adam and Eve), and Jesus “Our Creator-God, Savior and Advocate.” He presents the work of Jesus, becoming judgment, and gives a clear gospel presentation.

The above summary does not give this great evangelistic/apologetic book justice, but hopefully whets your appetite to read it… And share it!

You can listen to an about five minute description by the author Ron Myers, and how he uses it here on YouTube

And here’s the author’s better overview, a sort of “virtual” back of the book description, “Consider Creation [is] a highly successful Creation Evangelism dialogue in booklet form and audio format that addresses origins and proposes examples of Intelligent Design which beg the existence of an Intelligent Designer. It has proven very successful among Asian cultures that do not share a our Judeo-Christian worldview or knowledge of God as their Creator. It helps them to come to the conclusion that there must be an Intelligent Designer. It concludes by introducing God and His Word, Creation, Satan and the fallen angels, Garden of Eden, Temptation, Fall, Curse and Banishment from God’s presence, and finally the Promise of a Messiah, His Name and invitation to receive Christ and eternal judgement awaiting those who do not, but God’s loving mercy for all who do.”

Don Myers
Don Myers – Creation Evangelism


How a Jew Learned the True Meaning of Christmas by Tom Cantor

For the Christmas season, read “How a Jew Learned the True Meaning of Christmas” by Tom Cantor.

“Growing up as a Jew left me without an understanding of the true meaning of Christmas…Finally, I came to understand the true meaning of Christmas through the story of a boy and his boat…”

Read the rest Here at Israel Restoration Ministries

This 19 page booklet uses an interesting parable about a boy and his boat to explain the Gospel. It reminded me a little of the Lord Jesus’ parables of “the shepherd and the lost sheep” and “the woman and the last coin” (Luke 15:1-10). Tom’s structures the analysis of his parable on the words “Made,”“Lost,” “Found,” and “Bought;” I found this helpful. It is a good summary of the Gospel. Christian apologist Alex McFarland has used a similar story with a bike, and while very good, it doesn’t have the first step of this parable which I think adds something important and biblical. Also, I liked how Tom ended it with a Gospel presentation and Scripture.

I hadn’t realized it until rereading this one that this is one of four of his booklets entitled “How a Jew…” I’ve mentioned the others before here, here, and here.
on our blog; You can read them all at Israel Restoration Ministries