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Isaiah 53 Gospel Tract by Tom Cantor

Here is an Isaiah 53 gospel tract by Tom Cantor. This chapter of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible or Tanakh [Tanach]) been called “The Fifth Gospel.”

Tom Cantor is a Jewish believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Tom is also a teacher at Mission Valley Community Chapel. He usually teaches our adult Sunday school class. He also gives the sermon on the first, third, and any fifth Sunday of the month.

You can read it at Israel Restoration Ministries

Isaiah 53 Gospel Tract Cover
Isaiah 53 Gospel Tract

This tract presents seven references from this passage to present the gospel of Jesus Christ (the Messiah). It is a good tract that you could share with someone this Passover/Easter season. We also have a variety of gospel tracts at the Chapel.

This tract uses verses from this prophecy to give the sacrifice needed, the sacrifice presented, the sacrifice examined, the sacrifice offered, the sacrifice’s purpose, the sacrifice accepted, and the sacrifice personalized. Its focuses on the Lord Jesus Christ and his work. It concludes with our need for him as our Savior and Lord.

Here here’s a blog post we have on a booklet on Isaiah 53 How a Jew Learned the Meaning of Isaiah 53 by Tom Cantor

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“Science Scripture Salvation Outreach” Local Apologetic/Evangelistic Outreach by David Hall

Here’s another update from David Hall’s apologetic and evangelistic outreach in Balboa Park “Science Scripture Salvation Outreach” on Facebook.

Visit David’s Science Scripture Salvation in the park on Saturdays at the Bea Evenson Fountain area get directions here. Look for the display of posters about science and prophecy like the ones in the below video –

In this video, David shares the Gospel using Messianic prophecies and the Gospel of John

It was from David and the free material at his outreach that I found out about these motion tracts the size of a business card that we will be giving out this Halloween from our homes.

Read “Yom Kippur or Olam Kippur?” by Tom Cantor

Tomorrow, September 16, is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Read “Yom Kippur or Olam Kippur?” by Tom Cantor. Tom is a Jewish believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“God designed our annual Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement to prepare His Ancient people to receive, by repentance, the eternal atonement or the Olam Kippur.  God’s eternal atonement is a gift from God and this gift is God Himself…”

Read the rest at Israel Restoration Ministries

Tom Cantor usually teaches our adult Sunday school class and gives the sermon on the first, third, and any fifth Sundays of the month. He is currently teaching through the Gospel of Matthew in Sunday school and preaching from the Book of Daniel for worship services.