Watch our May 8, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Sam Burton (John 10:1-10)

Watch our May 8, 2022 Worship service. It includes singing, announcements, special music, a missionary report, and a sermon by retired missionary Dr. Sam Burton from John 10:1-10.

We sang the hymns “We’re Marching to Zion,” “Near to the Heart of God,” The Light of the World is Jesus,” and “Have You any Room for Jesus?”

We had a missionary report from Brazil. Dan told about the training of pastors, how churches were doing, and the teaching of children.

Next, retired missionary Sam Burton gave a sermon from The gospel of John (John 10:1-10), “The Door of Salvation.” Sam showed that Jesus is the great I Am (Exodus 3:14). He noted that this verse was in the present tense. He also taught from Isaiah 53:6, and compared Jesus the door to the door of the ark of safety and salvation.

Sam pointed out that there are two doors. Jesus is the door of salvation. Also, there is the door of our hearts that we are to open (Revelation 3:20). He also pointed out that Jesus coming into our hearts is not just our salvation but a daily pattern.

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