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Changed by Tom Cantor

We have free copies of “Changed” by Tom Cantor at the Chapel. This is an expansion on his testimony with much new material. He has mailed it to many Jewish people in the United States.

Free Online and at Mission Valley Community Chapel

You can read it online at Friendship with God or come to The Chapel and get a free copy while they last (we regularly restock them, but they go very quickly).

Cover of Changed by Tom Cantor with picture of him as a boy
Changed by Tom Cantor

This book is a short autobiography. It starts when he was a boy, tell us about his Jewish upbringing, and disciplinary problems he had at different schools. At seven years old, he was even sent to a military school. He ended up in a school in Switzerland. He tells of meeting his wife, and some of their struggles. After they met, she became pregnant  from a sexual assault, they got married, and put the baby up for adoption.

He tells about becoming a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. One step included when celebrating the Passover his uncle Pete to irritate his wife blurted out, “Christians believe that Christ was the Passover lamb!”

He concludes about his reconnecting with the daughter they put up for adoption. The last two chapters are a gospel presentation from two different perspectives, the historical and the personal.

The last two chapters are a gospel presentation from two different perspectives, the historical and the personal.

This is in many ways a very honest book. Tom is open about his thoughts and feelings, even if they do not paint them in the best light.

“Changed” by Tom Cantor is an interesting read and a good evangelistic giveaway book. You can Google it to see the impact is making. Many people at Mission Valley Community Chapel have given this book away; we have keep having to get more copies for on the free table. It goes so quickly!

Tom Cantor usually teaches our Adult Sunday School class (He’s going through the Gospel of Matthew now) and gives the sermon for our worship service on the odd numbered Sundays of the month (His sermons are usually a series on a topic or through a book of the Bible).


Last Saturday, March 22, 2022, the New York Post ran an article on Tom Cantor’s most recent mass mailing of his book “Changed” – New Yorkers flooded with unsolicited book pushing religious change.

They called it “Junk mail for Jesus.” But as Apostle Paul wrote, he was glad for whatever motive Christ (the Messiah) was preached (Philippians 1:18). How much more when it’s “Junk mail for Jesus” with a good motive! And as the apostle Paul, a Jewish believer in Jesus, said “My heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved” (Romans 1:10).

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Read “How a Jew Came to Know and Put his Trust in The Lord Jesus Christ” by Tom Cantor

Read the testimony of Tom Cantor, “How a Jew Came to Know and Put his Trust in The Lord Jesus Christ” –

“My name is Tom Cantor and I am president and founder of Scantibodies Laboratory – a company which grew out of a tiny garage and a $130 investment some 30 years ago, to a nearly 500-person, worldwide company today. You might think that business and science is my life’s passion. But, I have one passion in life and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. So, how did a Jew, the grandson of an orthodox Rabbi, come to have his life transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ? I would like to tell you.

I was born into a typical Los Angeles Jewish family…”

Read the rest at Israel Restoration Ministries

Tom also has an updated and expanded testimony “Changed”. (He usually teaches the Chapel’s adult Sunday school, and the first, second, third, and fifth Sundays of the month.)

How a Jew Learned the Meaning of Isaiah 53 by Tom Cantor

“Even though I was taught the Bible in Synagogue as a Jewish child, I never understood the meaning of Isaiah 53. But the story of a Japanese boy helped me understand the full and beautiful meaning of this Scripture passage.
The following is a true story of a boy in Japan named Nozomi…”

Read the rest of How a Jew Learned the Meaning of Isaiah 53

The author, Tom Cantor, is a Jewish believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Israel Restoration Ministries, and a teacher at Mission Valley Community Chapel. He is also the founder of Scantibodies Laboratory.

I find it interesting that the kind act of a Japanese boy helped this Jewish man understand the meaning of Isaiah 53. I think this is because God is the God of all nations, and we are all created in his image. Also, the Lord Jesus Christ is both God and man. When we act in a kind or a good way, we are being godly, which points back to the original, God, and “the image of the invisible God, the Firstborn,” the Lord Jesus who is God in the flesh.

Tom has told another story that gives good advice he learned in Japan. In Japan after a big success with his business, he went out to dinner with some Japanese businessmen. They told him the Japanese proverb, “After a victory, tighten the straps on your helmet.“ This is the advice that after a great victory is often when we’re most vulnerable.

Remember how the Prophet Elijah got so down after his victory over the prophets of Baal when he found out Jezebel was out to kill him? We need to understand that after a victory is when the enemy may attack, and we may feel the least prepared for such an attack. This is good, practical advice to remember.

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