“ A Jewish View of the Trinity Based on the Hebrew Scriptures” by Jews for Jesus

Here is an article by Jews for Jesus reasoning for the Trinity from the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) A Jewish View of the Trinity Based on the Hebrew Scriptures

I’ve read a number of books on this topic, and this article from Jews for Jesus had some good arguments I hadn’t heard. It’s a good apologetic for the Trinity being in the Old Testament.

It quotes numerous scriptures and discusses the names for God, pronouns, plural nouns with singular verbs for God, plural nouns with plural nouns for God, different Hebrew words for one, and many other interesting points. It is done in a way that is easy to read.

One thing I found interesting was the examples of God having both a plural noun and plural verb. Usually in the Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures)God is in the plural with a singular verb. This article gave some exceptions along with noting the more standard usage.

This article should be good as a resource for Jewish evangelism. It should also be useful in talking with other people who deny the Trinity like Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Muslims.

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Read “How a Jew Became a Scientific Creationist” by Tom Cantor

Part Bible study, part gospel tract, part apologetics, part personal testimony, part Hebrew word study, this 45 page booklet tells “How a Jew Became a Scientific Creationist” (by Tom Cantor) –

“My grandfather was an Orthodox Rabbi in Virginia. Although he wanted his three sons to become rabbis, they all became medical doctors. My father was an obstetrician/ gynecologist who had a keen interest in researching how to better care for his patients. He became a specialist in the sur- gical treatment of urinary incontinence and developed a minimal incision surgery called the Marshall-Marchetti-Cantor Procedure. He routinely performed this surgery on his patients, taught the procedure to fellow col- leagues, and became president of the Vaginal Surgeons Society. I still remember the happy look on the face of one of my father’s patients who was over 90 years old and, following the surgery, was cured of her urinary incontinence. As a child I hoped that one day I would be able to do research that could benefit patients.

1970 was a very important year for me…”

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