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“Who was Ezekiel?“ A Children’s Bible Audio on the Prophet Ezekiel by “Grandma Joelee”

“Grandma“ Joelee from the Chapel has another “Children’s Bible Audios – Stories for Kids” up on SermonAudio – “Who was Ezekiel?” – on the Prophet Ezekiel. Click on THIS LINK to listen.

In this audio, she tells about the life of the Prophet Ezekiel. She tells about his visions and prophecies, too. She connects these to a presentation of the gospel. In her audios, she tries to avoid controversy to reach as many children as possible with Bible stories, apologetics, and the gospel. But this audio is slightly pre-millennial. It’s hard not to give you a prophecy when writing about a prophet!

Her audios are for kids from about 4 to 12 years old. Adults, too, sometimes like listening to her audios.

“Grandma“ Joelee Is working on audios for kids on each of the major prophets lives. You can listen to her audio on DANIELand ISAIAH now. Also, if your kids want to learn more about cherubim and seraphim, she has an audio on that, too, HERE.

We also have more children’s resources on our WEBSITE .

“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb“ by “Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain
“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb

How to make a Resurrection Day Cake – Joelee Chamberlain

How to Make a Resurrection Day Cake by Joelee Chamberlain is a 50 second video that gives an idea on how to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Easter Cake)

You can watch the video here How to Make a Resurrection Day Cake

How to make a Resurrection Day Cake - “Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain
How to make a Resurrection Day Cake

Briefly, get a cake. Then scoop out a “tumb.“ Next, use a cookie or York mint patties for the door. Also, fresh flowers can be put on top. Like how the seat of a flower is buried and the flower blooms, so Christ was buried and rose from the dead.

This is “Grandma“ Joelee’s first video. She has done many audios previously. This video was shot by your son holding his phone and using pause for editing. Her later videos have gotten longer and are edited by a deacon at a former church. For her latest video, she got a tripod with a mount to shoot straight down. Lord willing, that video will be finished soon.

You can listen to her audios on her YouTube Channel, too. Or listen on your favorite podcast site.

“Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain

Child Evangelism – Share The Gospel This Halloween!

Share The Gospel This Halloween!

Halloween is coming up at the end of this month, and it’s a great way to share the gospel!

People come to your door. You can share gospel tracts with the candy. (Parents check their children’s candy, so you won’t be going behind parents’ backs when doing this.) 

Stock up now with tracts in time, and get good candy to give out with them! And pray that the Lord would bless your outreach.

This year we are giving out several of these – business card size motion tracts these business card size motion tracts at MWTB

They are more expensive and not as detailed as the bigger tracts, but they are more likely to be kept. I’ll put up a post when we have them out on the Chapel’s resource table.

Here is a regular Halloween track we’ve given out that cost less and is good A SPECIAL TREAT FOR EVERYONE!

Note: the above cards and tracts are available in the King James Version and the New King James Version. (Though we have the King James Version as our pew Bible, I ordered the New King James Version of the cards/tracts, as that would be easier to understand by children.)

But if there are other tracts you like, get those!



Days of Creation Video for Kids by “Grandma” Joelee

“Grandma“ Joelee from the chapel a has video “Days of Creation Video for Kids.”

This 10-minute video follows Genesis 1 and shows the days of Creation one at a time using colored sketches. She show a simple pattern in the days that helps in memorization. Strictly Bible and includes the Gospel at the end. For ages 4-10, though adults can also use this as a review.

This can be used for children’s Sunday school, homeschooling, child evangelism, or just enjoyment! It is part of her Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids ministry