Sunday Hymns – “Everlasting Glory unto Jesus Be”

Last Sunday, we sang, “Everlasting Glory unto Jesus Be” as the closing hymn of our worship service and before our communion service. This song about Christ’s incarnation, death, resurrection, our salvation and proclamation of the gospel, I felt, was a good transition between worship and communion.

Also, the music used is commonly used for “Onward Christian Soldiers,” too. This, to me, was a reminder that Our strength comes from the Lord; we are soldiers for the Lord by his power and the work he has done and does.

Everlasting Glory unto Jesus Be
Words by Hannah K. Burlingham & music by Arthur S. Sullivan

1. Everlasting glory Unto Jesus be! Sing aloud the story Of His victory!
How He left the splendor Of His home on high,
Came, in love so tender, On the cross to die.

Everlasting glory Unto Jesus be!
Sing aloud the story Of His victory.

2. Yes! He came from heaven, Suffered in our stead;
Praise to Him be given, “Firstborn from the dead!”
Jesus, meek and lowly, Came the lost to save;
He the victim holy, Triumphed o’er the grave.


3. We in death were lying, Lost in hopeless gloom;
Jesus by His dying Vanquished e’en the tomb!
Burst its iron portal, Rolled away the stone,
Rose in life immortal To the Father’s throne.


4. Christ is Lord of Glory, Sing we now today;
Tell abroad the story, Own His rightful sway!
Sing aloud; and never Cease to spread His fame,
Triumph, now and ever, In the Savior’s name.