Day of Atonement

Read “Yom Kippur or Olam Kippur?” by Tom Cantor

Tomorrow, September 16, is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Read “Yom Kippur or Olam Kippur?” by Tom Cantor. Tom is a Jewish believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“God designed our annual Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement to prepare His Ancient people to receive, by repentance, the eternal atonement or the Olam Kippur.  God’s eternal atonement is a gift from God and this gift is God Himself…”

Read the rest at Israel Restoration Ministries

Tom Cantor usually teaches our adult Sunday school class and gives the sermon on the first, third, and any fifth Sundays of the month. He is currently teaching through the Gospel of Matthew in Sunday school and preaching from the Book of Daniel for worship services.

Listen to “The Feasts of the Lord” by “Grandma” Joelee

Listen to “Grandma“ Joelee’s latest Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids, “The Feasts of the Lord (Pre-millennial).” Both the audio and a PDF of it are available here on SermonAudio

It is an interesting mix of prophecy, typology, apologetics, the first and second comings, and the gospel for kids ages 4–10. It shows how the Lord Jesus Christ fulfills these feasts. Jesus is the Messiah!

“This tells about the 7 original Feasts of the Lord as given to Moses plus the 2 man-made feasts in the Bible, Hanukkah (New Testament, Feast of Lights) and Purim (in the book of Esther). This has many of the details of the 7 original Feasts that were told about before in “#B03 – God’s Holidays”, but this new audio includes more details about the Second Comings from the Fall Feasts, givng a pre-millenial point of view (after Christ returns, He reigns for 1000 years before the Eternal State). (“God’s Holidays” told of the Second Coming in a general way and only had the original 7 Feasts of the Lord.) In this audio, Christ’s First Coming is presented in detail in the Spring Feasts, and the Second Coming is presented in detail from the Fall Feasts and from the 2 other Feasts, too. It is told for children, ages 4-10, though adults may enjoy it also. Of course, it is connected to the Gospel.” – from Joelee Chamberlain’s description of her audio

This and her other audios are on SermonAudio and many other podcast sites including iTunes Google Podcasts and Stitcher

These can just be listened to, used for homeschooling, or in other formal instruction.