Watch our May 8, 2022 adult Sunday school class by Tom Cantor (Matthew 22: 41-46)

Watch our May 8, 2022 adult Sunday school class by Tom Cantor from the Gospel of Matthew 22: 41-46.

Tom Cantor started with background to Matthew 22:41–46. Tom included pointing out that Christ was from Galilee not Jerusalem. Galilee was insignificant (John 1:46). He said it was like being from San Diego city College instead of Harvard or being from Tecate (Which Tom loves) instead of Mexico City.

Tom then noted the background attitude of the Lord Jesus Christ to this passage. He pointed out how Jesus had wept over Jerusalem, and how God desires people to be saved. He gave the analogy of a lifeguard who sees all as a group but also as individuals.

Tom then got to Matthew 22:41-46. The others had asked their questions of him, and now he was going to ask his. He asked them who they thought Christ was, Christ meeting Messiah. He noted how important of a question this is not only for them but for all of us.

Tom then went on to describe the two kinds of knowing, knowing objectively and subjectively. We need to know objectively who Christ is, but also subjectively except him. He used the contrast between the Spanish saber and concocer.

Tom Cantor also noted how the Lord Jesus Christ used Psalm 110 and identified David speaking “in Spirit.” I am use this to point out the importance of inspiration. He then concluded how the Lord had silenced his accusers.

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