“To a Snowflake” a poem by Francis Thompson

The term “snowflake” has become a negative in much political and popular speech, but here’s a poem in which a snowflake is used to worship the Creator.

“To a Snowflake” by Francis Thompson
What heart could have thought you?—
Past our devisal
(O filigree petal!)
Fashioned so purely,
Fragilely, surely,
From what Paradisal
Imagineless metal,
Too costly for cost?
Who hammered you, wrought you,
From argentine vapor?—
“God was my shaper.
Passing surmisal,
He hammered, He wrought me,
From curled silver vapor,
To lust of His mind—
Thou could’st not have thought me!
So purely, so palely,
Tinily, surely,
Mightily, frailly,
Insculped and embossed,
With His hammer of wind,
And His graver of frost.”


We can argue for God’s existence with apologetics, but another way is through poetry and images. After all, “The heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). Christian poetry helps us experience God‘s wonders more.

“To a Snowflake” by Francis Thompson is a 22 line poem (The number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet, though I doubt this was intentional). It does not have a strict structure of the Elizabethan and Metaphysical poems we have posted so far. There seem to be 2 feet (stresses) per line with the number of unstressed beats varying. These short and varying lines fit with snowflakes falling. There are a number of rhymes at the end of lines, but no strict structure. This also fits with snowflakes falling. There is a fair amount of alliteration in and between lines. For example, look at the number of “f”and “p” sounds that are repeated in the first few lines. These plosive sounds gives a laughing feel to it. Towards the end the rhymes even take place within lines. This again gives the scattered feel of snowflakes falling, even more rapidly.

I think this poem is a good example of Alexander Pope’s admonition, “The sound must seem an echo of the sense.”

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Read “How a Jew Became a Scientific Creationist” by Tom Cantor

Part Bible study, part gospel tract, part apologetics, part personal testimony, part Hebrew word study, this 45 page booklet tells “How a Jew Became a Scientific Creationist” (by Tom Cantor) –

“My grandfather was an Orthodox Rabbi in Virginia. Although he wanted his three sons to become rabbis, they all became medical doctors. My father was an obstetrician/ gynecologist who had a keen interest in researching how to better care for his patients. He became a specialist in the sur- gical treatment of urinary incontinence and developed a minimal incision surgery called the Marshall-Marchetti-Cantor Procedure. He routinely performed this surgery on his patients, taught the procedure to fellow col- leagues, and became president of the Vaginal Surgeons Society. I still remember the happy look on the face of one of my father’s patients who was over 90 years old and, following the surgery, was cured of her urinary incontinence. As a child I hoped that one day I would be able to do research that could benefit patients.

1970 was a very important year for me…”

Read the rest Israel Restoration Ministries

Watch our August 6, 2021 Friday Family Night Service

Watch our August 6, 2021 Friday family night service including prayers, hymn singing, and a testimony and Bible talk on creation and the second coming by Dan.

We have Friday family nights for the summer months of July and August. Join us for 6:15 PM potluck and our 7:15 PM informal Friday night service.

The Creation and Earth History Museum is open!

The Creation and Earth History Museum is open!

Open: Tuesday-Friday: 10 AM – 4:30 PM
Closed: Saturday-Monday

10946 Woodside Ave. N
Santee, CA 92071

This is a great place to visit and learn about God and his creation. Originally founded by the Institute for Creation Research, Tom Cantor now operates the museum and has greatly expanded it. It now has not only a larger museum about creation, but also has a section about the Tabernacle.

$8 Adult (13-59)
$6 Seniors (60+)
$6 Active Military
$3 Youth (5-12)
FREE Children Ages 4 and under”

Museum admission includes all exhibits, Dinosaur Gardens and the Tabernacle Theater”

“The exhibits in the Creation & Earth History Museum are based on true Biblical history, beginning with Creation in Genesis 1. This journey will continue through the rebellion of humanity against the Creator, the worldwide Flood of Noah’s time, the dispersion at Babel, the history of Israel and the Gentile nations, the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, and the consummation of God’s purposes for creation when Jesus returns. Many museum exhibits are also devoted to explaining how modern day scientific and historical evidence confirms the biblical account, and some such as the Human Anatomy Wing, showcase the miraculous, ingenious, and harmonious biological structures that our Creator has designed for life…” Read more here

Dr. Henry Morris’ Institute for Creation Research launched the Creation and Earth History Museum in 1992. For 16 years, ICR developed and grew the exhibits with a mission to equip believers with evidence of the Bible’s accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework. Upon ICR’s move to Texas in 2008, the entire museum and its contents were sold to Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc.
Tom Cantor, the owner of Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc., and his wife Cheryl founded a non-profit 501c3 ministry called the Life and Light Foundation. The Life and Light Foundation owns and operates the museum and continues creation evangelism.

To provide scriptural and scientific evidence that reinforces the biblical account of creation and to support the body of Christ in fulfilling its great commission by offering educational and evangelistic opportunities through interactive museum experiences and activities.”


Days of Creation Video for Kids by “Grandma” Joelee

“Grandma“ Joelee from the chapel a has video “Days of Creation Video for Kids.”

This 10-minute video follows Genesis 1 and shows the days of Creation one at a time using colored sketches. She show a simple pattern in the days that helps in memorization. Strictly Bible and includes the Gospel at the end. For ages 4-10, though adults can also use this as a review.

This can be used for children’s Sunday school, homeschooling, child evangelism, or just enjoyment! It is part of her Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids ministry