Christmas evangelism

Listen to “John the Baptist” by “Grandma” Joelee

Here is another Children’s Bible Audio by “Grandma” Joelee for the Christmas season
“John the Baptist.”

We are linking to different audio’s that are connected to this time.

This one is a fill an audio that gives the story of a person in the Bible. It’s made for children about from 4 to 10 (though sometimes in adults enjoyed listening to them) and of course is connected to the gospel.

Other Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids for this Season
Listen to “The Real Christmas Story for Children” by “Grandma Joelee”

Free Christmas Evangelistic Outreach Resources

We have free evangelism resources for this Christmas at the Chapel.

These include Christmas bracelets that say “Jesus is the Reason for the Season.”

Also, two Christmas buttons with “Jesus, our Living Hope – Merry Christmas” or “Jesus, He came for you – Merry Christmas.” Pick the one you like, they both have a good message. Jesus did come for all of us, and He is our living hope, for He rose from the dead.

We also have two gospel tracts you can give out during the Christmas season. One is a general Christmas gospel tract, “Jesus – The Real Meaning of Christmas.” This one presents the gospel in a Christmas context with a number of Bible verses from the Old and New Testament.
The other is “How to Recognize the Messiah.“ This one would be good for anyone but is particularly for Jewish people. It presents the gospel with a number of fulfilled messianic prophecies particularly about the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.