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Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb by “Grandma” Joelee for kids

“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb“ by “Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain. This is a Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids free audio. You can listen on SermonAudio

In this audio, first she tells the story of the original Passover in Exodus. Then, she connects this with John the Baptist to the Lord Jesus Christ being “the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.“ She tells of Christ’s crucifixion and relates Passover to it as a type, a “picture-prophecy.”

She then goes on to connect the work of Jesus Christ to the Feast of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. She develops the number of points and connections in a way that a child can understand and enjoy.

“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb“ by “Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain
Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb

This offers apologetics for kids through fulfilled prophecy and type. It is specifically an Easter apologetic. It can we listen to Jess for enjoyment, part of homeschooling, or other schooling. Many kids like listening to them when they go to bed.

This is part of her Holidays & Other Stories Series. But as this audio has fulfilled typology, you could also go with her Apologetics for Kids Series. And it fills out her Escape from Egypt (the Book of Exodus), too.

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How to make a Resurrection Day Cake – Joelee Chamberlain

How to Make a Resurrection Day Cake by Joelee Chamberlain is a 50 second video that gives an idea on how to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Easter Cake)

You can watch the video here How to Make a Resurrection Day Cake

How to make a Resurrection Day Cake - “Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain
How to make a Resurrection Day Cake

Briefly, get a cake. Then scoop out a “tumb.“ Next, use a cookie or York mint patties for the door. Also, fresh flowers can be put on top. Like how the seat of a flower is buried and the flower blooms, so Christ was buried and rose from the dead.

This is “Grandma“ Joelee’s first video. She has done many audios previously. This video was shot by your son holding his phone and using pause for editing. Her later videos have gotten longer and are edited by a deacon at a former church. For her latest video, she got a tripod with a mount to shoot straight down. Lord willing, that video will be finished soon.

You can listen to her audios on her YouTube Channel, too. Or listen on your favorite podcast site.

“Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain

Listen to “What Is a Prophet?” by “Grandma“ Joelee

“Grandma“ Joelee has new children’s Bible audio up, “What Is a Prophet?”

This audio tells what a prophet is. It also tells what a false prophet is. It gives examples from the Bible and the criteria of a prophet from the Old and New Testaments. Tells that Jesus is the greatest prophet and fulfills many prophecies at His first Coming, so we can know that He will fulfill the prophecies that say He is coming again. Of course, it links to the Gospel. It is for ages 4 – 10 years old adults have listened to and enjoyed my audios as well. – SermonAudio description

Her audios are also on sites like iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and many other sites. It may take some time for these other sites to transfer this new one over, but it’s available right now on SermonAudio.

“Grandma” Joelee

Listen to “John the Baptist” by “Grandma” Joelee

Here is another Children’s Bible Audio by “Grandma” Joelee for the Christmas season
“John the Baptist.”

We are linking to different audio’s that are connected to this time.

This one is a fill an audio that gives the story of a person in the Bible. It’s made for children about from 4 to 10 (though sometimes in adults enjoyed listening to them) and of course is connected to the gospel.

Other Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids for this Season
Listen to “The Real Christmas Story for Children” by “Grandma Joelee”

“La Verdadera Historia de la Navidad Para Niños” por Abuela Joelee

“La Verdadera Historia de la Navidad Para Niños“ por Abuela Joelee

Esta es la verdadera historia de la Navidad contada para niños y viene de Lucas y Mateo. Incluye algunas profecías del Antiguo Testamento y termina con una presentación conectada del Evangelio. Es estrictamente la historia de la Biblia; nada empalagoso. Para las edades 4-10, aunque los adultos también han aprendido y disfrutado de mis otros audios. Traducido y grabado en español por Ellen Maley.

This is the Spanish version of The Real Christmas Story for Children by “Grandma” Joelee
We posted it previously HERE on our Blog.

“What is Heaven Like?” a new Children’s Bible Audio by “Grandma Joelee”

“Grandma Joelee” from the Chapel have a new free children’s Bible audio up! It’s called “What Is Heaven Like?” You can listen here on SermonAudio

“In this short audio I tell some things from the Bible about what heaven is like. I tell of the joyful things about being there and how it is our real home. I tell what dying is and talk about the body and spirit. But I do those in a rather matter-of-fact way, not wanting to frighten small children. I also tell of our resurrection and the New Heavens and New Earth, too. I stress the happiness of being with the Lord and our friends and family who are already in heaven. I tell that this is a hope and encouragement (even when we’re sad), but we also important work to do now like sharing the Gospel and helping people. The Second Coming is also talked about, but I avoid any controversial subjects such as the timing of the Rapture and the Millennium. That is left up to the parents. Of course Ialso give the Gospel, as that is the way to get there. For children 4 to 10 years old, though even adults may enjoy it.” – From the audio description

Listen to “The Feasts of the Lord” by “Grandma” Joelee

Listen to “Grandma“ Joelee’s latest Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids, “The Feasts of the Lord (Pre-millennial).” Both the audio and a PDF of it are available here on SermonAudio

It is an interesting mix of prophecy, typology, apologetics, the first and second comings, and the gospel for kids ages 4–10. It shows how the Lord Jesus Christ fulfills these feasts. Jesus is the Messiah!

“This tells about the 7 original Feasts of the Lord as given to Moses plus the 2 man-made feasts in the Bible, Hanukkah (New Testament, Feast of Lights) and Purim (in the book of Esther). This has many of the details of the 7 original Feasts that were told about before in “#B03 – God’s Holidays”, but this new audio includes more details about the Second Comings from the Fall Feasts, givng a pre-millenial point of view (after Christ returns, He reigns for 1000 years before the Eternal State). (“God’s Holidays” told of the Second Coming in a general way and only had the original 7 Feasts of the Lord.) In this audio, Christ’s First Coming is presented in detail in the Spring Feasts, and the Second Coming is presented in detail from the Fall Feasts and from the 2 other Feasts, too. It is told for children, ages 4-10, though adults may enjoy it also. Of course, it is connected to the Gospel.” – from Joelee Chamberlain’s description of her audio

This and her other audios are on SermonAudio and many other podcast sites including iTunes Google Podcasts and Stitcher

These can just be listened to, used for homeschooling, or in other formal instruction.