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“Who Was Called a Prophetess?” by “Grandma” Joelee

“Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain has a new Children’s Bible Audio up – “Who Was Called a Prophetess?” Listen at –

Who Is Called A Prophetess?

This tells children about the 4 women named in the Bible who are called a prophetess. Three of them are in the Old Testament and one is in the New Testament. These women are Miriam, Deborah, Huldah, and Anna. It tells what a prophetess is and connects to the Gospel. For ages 4 to 10, though adults have also told me they have enjoyed her audios.

“How the Bible Is Put Together” for kids by “Grandma” Joelee

“Grandma” Joelee from the Chapel a new VIDEO up!!! “How the Bible Is Put Together” – Structure of the Bible

Also On Sermonaudio

This video teaches children how the Bible is put together. By being familiar with its structure and sections, they can find things in the Bible more easily. It even has a catchy little song to help them remember. Of course, it also includes the Gospel.

The PDF has the text, the sheet music for the song, and a copy of the Completed Chart.

For children 4 to 10 years of age, though adults have also enjoyed my audios. (By the way, the man who filmed this and got it ready to put up said it even helped him and his wife!)

This was inspired and developed from Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.’s analysis of the structure of the Bible in “Recovering the Unity of the Bible” and also from J. Sidlow Baxter’s “The Strategic Grasp of the Bible”.

“The Minor Prophets“-a Children’s Bible Audio by “Grandma Joelee”

“Grandma Joelee” from the Chapel have a new children’s Bible audio up! The “The Minor Prophets” on SermonAudio

This may even help you If you are confused on them! “Grandma Joelee” tells a little about each of the 12 minor prophets in order. She tells what a minor prophet is and any background we have on each one. Also, she gives a brief rundown of what his book is about. She made this audio children 4-12 years old, though adults may well enjoy it also. She repeats the previous names of the books after each new book is talked about to help in memorizing these little books in order. As with all her audios, she connects it to a presentation of the gospel.

Her audios have been listen to around the country and around the world. Parents have used them as part of their schooling, homeschooling, and to help kids feel comfortable while they’re falling asleep.

This is part of her children’s Bible audios and stories for kids series. They are available not only on SermonAudio but also on iTunes, stitcher, Google podcasts, YouTube, and many other podcast sites.

Here is a complete list of her available audios and videos

She has different series. These include children’s Bible stories, apologetics for kids, and

You can read more about her audios here on our blog under Children’s Ministry

“Who was Ezekiel?“ A Children’s Bible Audio on the Prophet Ezekiel by “Grandma Joelee”

“Grandma“ Joelee from the Chapel has another “Children’s Bible Audios – Stories for Kids” up on SermonAudio – “Who was Ezekiel?” – on the Prophet Ezekiel. Click on THIS LINK to listen.

In this audio, she tells about the life of the Prophet Ezekiel. She tells about his visions and prophecies, too. She connects these to a presentation of the gospel. In her audios, she tries to avoid controversy to reach as many children as possible with Bible stories, apologetics, and the gospel. But this audio is slightly pre-millennial. It’s hard not to give you a prophecy when writing about a prophet!

Her audios are for kids from about 4 to 12 years old. Adults, too, sometimes like listening to her audios.

“Grandma“ Joelee Is working on audios for kids on each of the major prophets lives. You can listen to her audio on DANIELand ISAIAH now. Also, if your kids want to learn more about cherubim and seraphim, she has an audio on that, too, HERE.

We also have more children’s resources on our WEBSITE .

“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb“ by “Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain
“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb

Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb by “Grandma” Joelee for kids

“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb“ by “Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain. This is a Children’s Bible Audios-Stories for Kids free audio. You can listen on SermonAudio

In this audio, first she tells the story of the original Passover in Exodus. Then, she connects this with John the Baptist to the Lord Jesus Christ being “the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.“ She tells of Christ’s crucifixion and relates Passover to it as a type, a “picture-prophecy.”

She then goes on to connect the work of Jesus Christ to the Feast of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. She develops the number of points and connections in a way that a child can understand and enjoy.

“Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb“ by “Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain
Passover and Jesus Our Passover Lamb

This offers apologetics for kids through fulfilled prophecy and type. It is specifically an Easter apologetic. It can we listen to Jess for enjoyment, part of homeschooling, or other schooling. Many kids like listening to them when they go to bed.

This is part of her Holidays & Other Stories Series. But as this audio has fulfilled typology, you could also go with her Apologetics for Kids Series. And it fills out her Escape from Egypt (the Book of Exodus), too.

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“The Real Story of Easter for Children” by “Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain

“The Real Story of Easter for Children” by “Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain is a free audio that harmonizes the resurrection accounts and presents the gospel to kids.

Listen to it on SermonAudio. There is also a PDF of it on the site. You can also listen to this and for other audios on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcast sites.

“The Real Story of Easter for Children” is for children ages 4 to 10, though adults have sometimes listen to them and learn from them, too.

This is something Joelee Chamberlain had taught in women and children’s Sunday school classes throughout the years. So, while it’s for kids, it has material that she developed for adults. I (Paul her son) also helped her with this. I have research this topic too. Also, I have spoken with a number of atheists on this topic. So this audio presents apologetic answers two questions and objections children may run into as they grow up.

She decided to make it as one of her Children’s Bible Audio-Stories for Kids so her grandson and other children could hear it.

This audio harmonizes the resurrection accounts in the Gospels and I Corinthians 15 and connects it to the gospel. After all, the resurrection is part of the gospel. This is a great audio to listen to at any time but especially during Easter season. It can be listened to just for a joy meant or as part of Sunday school or homeschooling.

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Undesigned Coincidences -“The Water-Soaked Offering – Solving a Bible Puzzle” by “Grandma Joelee”

“Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain has a new children’s Bible audio with undesigned  coincidences -“The Water-Soaked Offering – Solving a Bible Puzzle”.

You can listen to it on SermonAudio

It’s part of her apologetics for kids series. and tells a story. She tells the exciting story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. It answers a “Bible puzzle.” Where did Elijah get the 12 barrels of water to soak the offering to the Lord when there had been a 3 1/2 year drought?

It connects to the gospel, too. This ais for children ages 4 to 10, though adults have enjoyed these also.

Undesigned coincidences - Picture of mother reading Bible story book to child
Undesigned Coincidences – The Water-Soaked Offering

This argument is taken from the book “Undesigned Coincidences in the Writings of the Old & New Testament, An Argument for Their Veracity” by J.J. Blunt. He published it in 1869. This is a type of apologetics that argues for the truthfulness of Christianity. It shows how an apparent problem in one part of the Bible is answered by an incidental fact elsewhere in the Bible or in history. You can read the book online HERE.

William Paley seems to be the first who came up with this idea. He wrote a whole book fitting together the Book of Acts and the Epistles of the Apostle Paul. You can read “Horae Paulinae” online on Archive Here. Paley also covers this topic to a lesser degree in his better known book Evidences of Christianity.

For a brief introduction, here is an article with internal and external coincidences on Frank Turek‘s site CrossExamined.


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How to make a Resurrection Day Cake – Joelee Chamberlain

How to Make a Resurrection Day Cake by Joelee Chamberlain is a 50 second video that gives an idea on how to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Easter Cake)

You can watch the video here How to Make a Resurrection Day Cake

How to make a Resurrection Day Cake - “Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain
How to make a Resurrection Day Cake

Briefly, get a cake. Then scoop out a “tumb.“ Next, use a cookie or York mint patties for the door. Also, fresh flowers can be put on top. Like how the seat of a flower is buried and the flower blooms, so Christ was buried and rose from the dead.

This is “Grandma“ Joelee’s first video. She has done many audios previously. This video was shot by your son holding his phone and using pause for editing. Her later videos have gotten longer and are edited by a deacon at a former church. For her latest video, she got a tripod with a mount to shoot straight down. Lord willing, that video will be finished soon.

You can listen to her audios on her YouTube Channel, too. Or listen on your favorite podcast site.

“Grandma” Joelee Chamberlain

Listen to “What Is a Prophet?” by “Grandma“ Joelee

“Grandma“ Joelee has new children’s Bible audio up, “What Is a Prophet?”

This audio tells what a prophet is. It also tells what a false prophet is. It gives examples from the Bible and the criteria of a prophet from the Old and New Testaments. Tells that Jesus is the greatest prophet and fulfills many prophecies at His first Coming, so we can know that He will fulfill the prophecies that say He is coming again. Of course, it links to the Gospel. It is for ages 4 – 10 years old adults have listened to and enjoyed my audios as well. – SermonAudio description

Her audios are also on sites like iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and many other sites. It may take some time for these other sites to transfer this new one over, but it’s available right now on SermonAudio.

“Grandma” Joelee

Child Evangelism – Free Tracts for Halloween at the Chapel

We now have the free Halloween tracts in at the Chapel. Get them and give them out with candy for Halloween!

The above business size card tracts all have moving pictures on the front and Gospel presentations on the back.  Also, we have regular sized “Christ Is Risen” tracts, too.

This is a great opportunity to share the Gospel.