Watch our September 26, 2021 Worship service, sermon by Sohrab Ramtin

Watch our September 26, 2021 Worship service, including singing, announcements, a musical special (by the regularly visiting group “The Believers” who also gave a benediction), and a sermon by Sohrab Ramtin.

Sohrab preached from Mark 8:1-10 on the feeding of the 4000, “creating bread from grain that never grew…” He taught on divine compassion, how God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is compassionate. He showed how the Lord Jesus Christ’s taught the apostles compassion for both Jews and Gentiles.

This Sunday our worship service included –

Quiet Time

1st hymn #95 “When Morning Gilds  the Skies” (Stand, remain standing for prayer)


2nd hymn #369 “Sunlight, Sunlight”


3Rd hymn #547 “Jesus is Lord of All” (Stand, remain standing for prayer)

Pastoral Prayer

Special music “Pass Me Not” by The Believers

Speaker: Dr. Sohrab Ramtin (Mark 8:1–10, the feeding of the 4000 and divine compassion for Jews and Gentiles)

Closing Hymn “He Touched Me” (chosen after the sermon)

Benediction “Raise Your Hands” by The Believers

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