Watch our October 2, 2022 adult Sunday school class taught by Tom Cantor (Matthew 26:14-16)

Watch our September 18, 2022 adult Sunday school class taught by Tom Cantor from Matthew 26:14-16.

Tom Cantor taught from Matthew 26:14–16. In this passage, Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus. Tom first gave the background on how important the twelve apostles were and how close they were to Jesus. This emphasized how much of a betrayal and painful this was for Jesus. He also noted there wereTo Judy says among the apostles. Only Judas Iscariot was a bad one. He took this to be a type of Jews who follow Jesus and those who do not.

Tom also pointed out that Jesus had a choice and betraying Jesus. He strongly critiqued Calvinism and I noticed the biblical passages that point out God’s desire for all to be saved. He emphasized it was Judas’s choice ultimately that led him to betray Jesus.

Tom gave personal applications including dealing with dealing with “the Judas to each of our hearts.”