Watch our May 15, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Dr. Sohrab Ramtin from Luke 24:51-53

Watch our May 15, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Dr. Sohrab Ramtin from Luke 24:51-53. It includes prayers, singing, announcements, special music, and a sermon by Sohrab Ramtin on the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ from Luke 24:51-53.

For our musical special, José H. played “Because He Lives“ on the harmonica. I always enjoy how He is able to play the tune and accompaniment of a piece. I don’t know how he does it!

Dr. Sohrab Ramtin spoke on the Ascension of the lord Jesus from Luke 24:51-53. Sohrab showed how the beginning and end of the book of Luke fit together with its teachings about the Lord and how they balanced each other. He noted that the ascension is only in Luke. Also, it is in both of the books written by Luke, his Gospel and the Book of Acts. It is the end of his Gospel and the beginning of Acts.

Sohrab Ramtin broke the Ascension into three parts, event, response, and significance. A good points Sohrab made was that the preaching of the Gospel began in Jerusalem. He noted was where the Lord Jesus had taught and many of the events have taken place. This was a way of showing that it was true. It is very different from saying something happened long ago and far away. The Gospel was first proclaimed where it could be best tested.

Sohrab taught that all will bow to the Lord, either now or as a defeated enemy. He also noted that true worship results in obedience to the Lord. He concluded his sermon with 10 points about the Ascension and a call to commitment.

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