Watch our June 5, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Sam Burton (Luke 22:7–20)

Watch our June 5, 2022 Worship service. It includes prayers, hymn singing, announcements, special music, and a sermon by retired missionary Dr. Sam Burton (Luke 22:7–20).

Dr. Sam Burton gave a passage on Communion/the Lord supper. He taught primarily from Luke 22:7–20 and first Corinthians 11:23–28. First, Tom these passages. Next Sam Burton compared the Last Supper to Passover “opportunity for all.“ He noted that Jesus was the Lamb of God (John 1:29). He also noticed how Pastor Charles Spurgeon had used Titus 3:5 “the kindness and goodness of God our Savior.“

Sam then went on to give details about the last supper. He then moved on to Pentecost (noting that this Sunday was Pentecost Sunday) and to the apostle Paul’s teaching to the church in Corinth. He connected the Lord’s supper to the second coming “do this until he comes.“

Sam then pointed out we were to examine ourselves in order to eat, not examine ourselves in order not to eat. He compared communion to the memorial stones the children of Israel got from the Jordan river when they crossed and and then set up.