Watch our June 12, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Sam Burton (John 11)

Watch our June 12, 2022 Worship service. It includes prayers, singing, announcements, special music, and a sermon by retired missionary Dr. Sam Burton on the raising of Lazarus (John 11).

Retired missionary Sam Burton taught on the raising of Lazarus by the Lord Jesus (John 11). First, Tom P. Read portions from the Chapter. Then Sam gave a short background on the location, Bethany. He included the ascension (Luke 24:50-51). He also pointed out that this was a place of fellowship and rest for Jesus.

Sam then went on about John 11. He noted that the sickness was for the glory of God. By raising Lazarus, the Lord showed that he was “the resurrection and the life.” Sam pointed out that Christ resurrection and ascension is our “Victory! Joy!” By it we have hope and joy. He then took the Lord‘s question to Martha about “Do you believe this?” and applied it to the listeners. Do you believe this?

Sam then went on to point out that our purpose was to live for the glory of God, too. He gave two lessons to be learned. The first was “Wow!”, about the marvel of the event. The second was the importance of resurrection.

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