Watch on September 18, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Tom Cantor (Ezra 7)

Watch on September 18, 2022 Worship service, by Tom Cantor from Ezra 7. It includes prayers, singing, announcements, a missionary moment, special music (a hymn played on the harmonica by Jose) and a sermon by Tom Cantor.

Tom first read Ezra 7. He then noted that the role of the priest was between man and God, and the role of the prophet was between God and man. He connected this to how Christ is our high priest. He also made connections between Ezra and Moses regarding their sacrifices for Israel. Also, Tom pointed out Ezra’s focus on the power of the Lord.

Tom pointed out that Ezra had four steps in Ezra 7:10. First, prepared his heart; second, to seek the law of the Lord; third, to do it; and fourth, to teach Israel the statutes and judgments. He gave application as to how we can apply these principles to our lives. Tom also contrasted Ezra’s behavior with that of the hypocrites in Christ’s today.