Undesigned Coincidences -“The Water-Soaked Offering – Solving a Bible Puzzle” by “Grandma Joelee”

“Grandma Joelee” Chamberlain has a new children’s Bible audio with undesigned  coincidences -“The Water-Soaked Offering – Solving a Bible Puzzle”.

You can listen to it on SermonAudio

It’s part of her apologetics for kids series. and tells a story. She tells the exciting story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. It answers a “Bible puzzle.” Where did Elijah get the 12 barrels of water to soak the offering to the Lord when there had been a 3 1/2 year drought?

It connects to the gospel, too. This ais for children ages 4 to 10, though adults have enjoyed these also.

Undesigned coincidences - Picture of mother reading Bible story book to child
Undesigned Coincidences – The Water-Soaked Offering

This argument is taken from the book “Undesigned Coincidences in the Writings of the Old & New Testament, An Argument for Their Veracity” by J.J. Blunt. He published it in 1869. This is a type of apologetics that argues for the truthfulness of Christianity. It shows how an apparent problem in one part of the Bible is answered by an incidental fact elsewhere in the Bible or in history. You can read the book online HERE.

William Paley seems to be the first who came up with this idea. He wrote a whole book fitting together the Book of Acts and the Epistles of the Apostle Paul. You can read “Horae Paulinae” online on Archive Here. Paley also covers this topic to a lesser degree in his better known book Evidences of Christianity.

For a brief introduction, here is an article with internal and external coincidences on Frank Turek‘s site CrossExamined.


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