Watch our May 1, 2022 adult Sunday school class by Tom Cantor (Matthew 22:34–40)

Watch our May 1, 2022 adult Sunday school class by Tom Cantor from the Gospel of Matthew 22:34-40).

Tom Cantor taught from Matthew 22:34–40. First he gave a review of the lords previous interaction with the Sadducees on the resurrection. He pointed out the Pharisees should’ve been happy by this, as they believed in the resurrection too, but “hatred of Christ blocks appreciation of Christ.” He noted this is a form of prejudice.

Tom then moved on to Matthew 22:34-40. Continuing his analogy of the boxing ring from last week, he noted next to Pharisee came to speak with the Lord. Tom pointed out that the lawyer was not what we would call a lawyer. He was an expert in the law. Tom made this connection from the parallel passage Mark 12:28 where the lawyer is called a scribe. He then pointed out that in this passage (verse 35) the lawyer is said to tempt Christ, but in Mark 12:34 The Lord later notes in the dialogue that the scribe answered discreetly (wisely). This indicated a shift in the lawyers perspective from when he first set out to tempt Jesus.

Tom then noted that when we come to the Bible we should ask “what is wrong with me?“ And “how do I change?“ This is a way of shifting our perspective. From this passage, we learn we can’t love God with all our heart… And the following Jesus is the solution to our problems. He noted how the Lord Jesus treated this Pharisee as a person. Also, in this class he noted how Jews can have a prejudice against Jesus, but also men like Martin Luther can have a violent attitude towards Jews. Tom pointed out comes from not treating them as persons who need to be saved but just as a class. He pointed out that the solution is the gospel, along with many other points.

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