Listen to “Moses, a Humble Leader”, a Children’s Bible Audio by “Grandma” Joelee

Listen to “Moses, a Humble Leader” by “Grandma” Joelee, a free children’s Bible audio, at SermonAudio

She has audios telling the Bible storyline, others that fill in stories about people in the Bible, an apologetics series, and special audios. This one fills in with a story about Moses.

“Moses, a Humble Leader” tells the life of Moses, giving only the details of the life of Moses that are in the Bible. This starts with his parents and his birth, then going through his being in the bulrushes, living with Pharoah’s daughter, working with his father-in-law’s sheep, freeing the children of Israel from Egypt, some of the many adventures in the wilderness, and ending with his death on the mountain top. Of course, the Gospel is included. It’s aimed at children 4-10 years old, though adults may also enjoy it. – from SermonAudio

This and her other audios are on SermonAudio and many other podcast sites including iTunes Google Podcasts and Stitcher

These can be just listened to for enjoyment (Psalms 1:2),  for homeschooling, or for other formal instruction. Some kids like to listen to them while they fall asleep.