Listen to “Daniel”, a free children’s Bible audio by “grandma“ Joelee

In recent weeks, Tom Cantor has been teaching from the book of Daniel. “Grandma” Joelee from the Chapel made this free children’s Bible audio on the book of Daniel. You can listen to it here on SermonAudio

While, of course, this audio is not nearly as deep and detailed as Tom Cantor’s sermons on the subject, it is a useful introduction and one of her more all time popular downloads. It tells the stories of from the book of Daniel and connects to the Lord Jesus Christ with Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the image and the prophecy from the angel Gabriel to the prophet Daniel about when Messiah would come. As with all of her audios, she gives the gospel.

This and her other audios are on SermonAudio and many other podcast sites including iTunes Google Podcasts and Stitcher

These can be just listened to for enjoyment (Psalms 1:2) , used in homeschooling, or in other formal instruction. Some kids like to listen to them while they fall asleep.