How a Jew Learned the Meaning of Isaiah 53 by Tom Cantor

“Even though I was taught the Bible in Synagogue as a Jewish child, I never understood the meaning of Isaiah 53. But the story of a Japanese boy helped me understand the full and beautiful meaning of this Scripture passage.
The following is a true story of a boy in Japan named Nozomi…”

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The author, Tom Cantor, is a Jewish believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the founder of Israel Restoration Ministries, and a teacher at Mission Valley Community Chapel. He is also the founder of Scantibodies Laboratory.

I find it interesting that the kind act of a Japanese boy helped this Jewish man understand the meaning of Isaiah 53. I think this is because God is the God of all nations, and we are all created in his image. Also, the Lord Jesus Christ is both God and man. When we act in a kind or a good way, we are being godly, which points back to the original, God, and “the image of the invisible God, the Firstborn,” the Lord Jesus who is God in the flesh.

Tom has told another story that gives good advice he learned in Japan. In Japan after a big success with his business, he went out to dinner with some Japanese businessmen. They told him the Japanese proverb, “After a victory, tighten the straps on your helmet.“ This is the advice that after a great victory is often when we’re most vulnerable.

Remember how the Prophet Elijah got so down after his victory over the prophets of Baal when he found out Jezebel was out to kill him? We need to understand that after a victory is when the enemy may attack, and we may feel the least prepared for such an attack. This is good, practical advice to remember.

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