Miss Hannah K. Burlingham, a Plymouth Brethren hymn writer

As noted in a recent post, we sang, “Everlasting Glory unto Jesus Be” by Miss Hannah K. Burlingham. In researching that post, I found out that the author was a Plymouth Brethren. Of course, our hymnal has songs from believers from many Christian denominations, but I found this interesting.

Miss Burlingham (1842-1901) was raised a Quaker, but in early adulthood became a Brethren. She then wrote many hymns and poems, including the one we sang last Sunday.

You can you read a brief biography of her at STEM Publishing

(There are different kinds of Plymouth brethren. We are open Plymouth Brethren, also called Christian Brethren. Briefly, our beliefs are within conservative evangelical Bible believing Christians and if you visit, you’ll find our worship service very similar to other churches with a hymn singing worship service. You can read other posts about this What are Open Plymouth Brethren (Christian Brethren) – Part 1: practical notes for newcomers and What are Open Plymouth Brethren (Christian Brethren) – Part 2: A Brief Introduction)