Watch our August 21, 2022 Worship service, sermon by Tom Cantor (Ezra 3)

Watch our August 21, 2022 Worship service. It includes prayers, singing, announcements, special music and a sermon by Tom Cantor from Ezra 3. Pat did the special music playing “How great thou art“ on a mini tuba.

Tom taught on Ezra 3. First, he did a review comparing the first chapter with Romans 11. He also connected Ezra 2 with revelation 21:27. He then connected with Ezra 3:1 with Psalm 133.

Tom made the point “Begin with God!” He brought examples from his life including his Scantibodies facility in Ethiopia and his experience of antisemitism in a Swiss boarding school during the Six Day war.

Tom then connected Ezra 2:2 with Hebrews 10:19. From 2:4, he made the point “Have a tabernacle life.” He also made the point to “Meet God in the morning” and reference to him “This world is not my home…”

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