Watch our April 24, 2022 adult Sunday school class by Tom Cantor (Matthew 22:23-33)

Watch our April 24, 2022 adult Sunday school class by Tom Cantor from the Gospel of Matthew 22:23-33.

Tom taught from Matthew 22:23-33, but first he gave a review. He noted that verse 23 starts with “the same day“. Many things happened that day going back to Matthew 21:18. Tom pointed out the interactions Jesus had had previously with different Jewish people. These included where Jesus got his authority (21:23–27), the parable of the two sons (28–32), the parable of the wicked vinedressers (33–46), the parable of the wedding feast (22:1–14), and paying taxes to Caesar (15–22).

Tom made this analogous to a fighter stepping in the ring and waving on all comers to fight him and then kayoing them (John 7:46).

Next, he pointed out there are two resurrections (John 5:28–29), The resurrection of life and the resurrection of condemnation. Tom pointed to John 14:16 to show Jesus is the way, John 11:25 to show that he is the resurrection and John 20:31 to show that we gain life from believing in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Tom Cantor then went on to teach from Matthew 22:23–33 where the Sadducees ask about the resurrection. He made a number of good points including the Lord telling them they did not know the scriptures and this is a warning to us all to study the Bible. God wants us to think and we should come to the Bible setting aside our preconceived beliefs. He then closed with seven lessons we can learn from this passage.

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