November 2021

How a Jew Learned the True Meaning of Christmas by Tom Cantor

For the Christmas season, read “How a Jew Learned the True Meaning of Christmas” by Tom Cantor.

“Growing up as a Jew left me without an understanding of the true meaning of Christmas…Finally, I came to understand the true meaning of Christmas through the story of a boy and his boat…”

Read the rest Here at Israel Restoration Ministries

This 19 page booklet uses an interesting parable about a boy and his boat to explain the Gospel. It reminded me a little of the Lord Jesus’ parables of “the shepherd and the lost sheep” and “the woman and the last coin” (Luke 15:1-10). Tom’s structures the analysis of his parable on the words “Made,”“Lost,” “Found,” and “Bought;” I found this helpful. It is a good summary of the Gospel. Christian apologist Alex McFarland has used a similar story with a bike, and while very good, it doesn’t have the first step of this parable which I think adds something important and biblical. Also, I liked how Tom ended it with a Gospel presentation and Scripture.

I hadn’t realized it until rereading this one that this is one of four of his booklets entitled “How a Jew…” I’ve mentioned the others before here, here, and here.
on our blog; You can read them all at Israel Restoration Ministries

New website calendar

Our website now has a calendar for events. You can find our monthly schedule of Sunday services, prayer meetings, and prayer for Israel  all in one place Here at Calendar. Tap or click on a service for more details.

Our blog will stop posting these updates. They should let the blog focus on topics and ministries of interest while listing our events in a more easily assessable way, too.

Watch our November 28, 2021 Worship service, sermon by Sohrab Ramtin

Watch our November 28, 2021 Worship service, including singing, announcements, special music, and a sermon by Dr. Sohrab Ramtin.

Sohrab taught from the Gospel of Mark 9:14–29, specifically versus 23-24. He spoke on the importance of having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and that the main importance is not our faith, none of us is perfect,  but the Lord Jesus Christ himself.

  • Silent prayer
  • First hymn – “Thy Loving Kindness”
  • Invocation
  • Second hymn – “Be Thou My Vision”
  • Announcements
  • Third hymn – Sweeter as the Years Go By”
  • Pastoral prayer
  • Special music – “My Life, My Love, My All” sung by The Believers
  • Sermon – by Sohrab Ramtin from Mark 9:14–29 (23-24)
  • Closing hymn – “No Other Plea”

Join us next Sunday, November 28, 2021, for worship and fellowship

Next Sunday, November 28, 2021, we will be having live streamed and in-person services at the Chapel.

We will be live streaming our worship service at 11:15 a.m. To watch, go to our Facebook page (under videos).

Our in person service will include:
9:30 a.m. The Lord’s Supper/Breaking of Bread
10:00 am Sunday School,
11:55 a.m. refreshments
11:15 a.m. Worship Service, Sohrab Ramtin preaching the sermon
(We have a traditional worship service including hymn singing, prayer, announcements, a musical special, and a sermon from the Bible. We dress from very casual to formal.)

You can find directions on our website HERE

Mission Valley Community Chapel
6469 Mission Gorge Rd
San Diego, CA 92120

The Chapel emphasizes the Lord Jesus Christ through Missions, Prayer, and the Word of God.

“What is Heaven Like?” a new Children’s Bible Audio by “Grandma Joelee”

“Grandma Joelee” from the Chapel have a new free children’s Bible audio up! It’s called “What Is Heaven Like?” You can listen here on SermonAudio

“In this short audio I tell some things from the Bible about what heaven is like. I tell of the joyful things about being there and how it is our real home. I tell what dying is and talk about the body and spirit. But I do those in a rather matter-of-fact way, not wanting to frighten small children. I also tell of our resurrection and the New Heavens and New Earth, too. I stress the happiness of being with the Lord and our friends and family who are already in heaven. I tell that this is a hope and encouragement (even when we’re sad), but we also important work to do now like sharing the Gospel and helping people. The Second Coming is also talked about, but I avoid any controversial subjects such as the timing of the Rapture and the Millennium. That is left up to the parents. Of course Ialso give the Gospel, as that is the way to get there. For children 4 to 10 years old, though even adults may enjoy it.” – From the audio description

Watch the sermon from our November 21, 2021 worship service by Tom Cantor

Watch the sermon from our November 21, 2021 worship service by Tom Cantor “Prepare To Meet Thy God” from the book of Amos (Amos 4:1–13).

Scott, who usually records our worship services, was out of town, but here is the sermon recorded for Tom’s “Israel Restoration Ministries”, video on YouTube. Again, thanks Abraham!

Watch our November 21, 2021 adult Sunday school class taught by Tom Cantor

Watch our November 21, 2021 adult Sunday school class taught by Tom Cantor from the Gospel of Matthew, “He Had Not to Pay” (Matthew 18:21–35).

Scott was out of town so the link here is to Tom Cantor’s “Israel Restoration Ministries” (videos on YouTube) which also records his adult Sunday school class. Thanks Abraham!